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The Dream for Clean Air! June 16, 2010

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I have often wondered if  “clean” air is an actual reality. But I forgot and or never really though about whether or not other may have thought it was a reality as well. But what I do know is this past Sunday after a graduation ceremony at my local church in Germantown Philadelphia, one of the mentors of my church asked me,” so u really think I could have clean air to breath in the near future? Do you think we could pass on a clean planet to our future generations?” I looked her in the eye’s and said YES!

Now many would think well why would you say that right? Why would you pass on False hope? To be perfectly honest, I sometimes do not feel that is the case. However, I truly believe that this generation, has the capacity to make it happen! We can have cleaner air, we can stop cooking the planet, but we have to hold our elected officials accountable! We have to create the society we want! I know that the youth of America and the older citizens who support us can make it happen! In reality one must look at the recent disaster such as BP, and the Three coal plant incidents as calls to action! Or what about the obvious increases in temperatures over our past summers? We have to make the change, and this change is preventative, such as Green Job Creation, extreme decrease from fossil fuels, to even the use of seasonal eating from local growers! It is all possible! In fact if we don’t do it who will??? What will become of us all??? Many suggest very scary solutions, that will harm life and our access to natural resources! So I am saying this, let’s do what we can! Let’s read the climate legislation! Let’s pass real laws that protect people and the Planet! Let’s create Jobs and let’s, create a clean and healthy society for us all! When I think of a dream I can and do believe that we can have clean air! So if you want to join in on the movement please checkout these websites!



White House Youth Clean Energy Forum December 3, 2009

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to not only visit the White House, but to participate in the White House’s Youth Clean Energy Forum. At this meeting youth from around the country has the opportunity to engage in conservation with White House staff, and Secretaries of Interior, Energy, and labor, in addition to speaking with Administrator Lisa Jackson of the EPA. This event was empowering and Green Justice recommends the White House holding more forums that lead to action such as this one! The Forum was streamed live on the web and I encourage each of you to watch video.

This was a great meeting and it has led to amazing conservation between White House Staff and “Emerging Youth Leaders” across the country. I had the opportunity and if you pay close attention you can see you sitting on the first row, next to CEO and founder of I look forward to seeing where the White House takes our suggestions and puts them into action. I also call on all of the Leaders within the Green Movement to make sure we continue to hold the White House accountable as this meeting was just a start and we still have work to do!


The Story of Cap and Trade A Must SEE December 1, 2009

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* Originally Posted on On December 1st 2009

Today, Annie Leonard, Director of the critically acclaimed documentary, The Story of Stuff released  The Story of Cap and Trade

(you can watch the video below)

The Story of Cap & Trade from Story of Stuff Project on Youtube

The Story of Cap and Trade is being billed as a “fast-paced, fact-filled look at the leading climate solution being discussed at Copenhagen and on Capitol Hill.”

What is Cap and Trade and is it really going to help slow down climate change? This ten minute documentary breaks it down and is a must see for anyone interested in saving the planet!

To learn more about the the director Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff project visit


White House Announces: YouthClean Energy Forum November 25, 2009

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I would Like to Announce the the White House has announced a “Emerging Youth Leaders Forum on Clean Energy”. The White House Meeting will take place on December 2nd 2009 and will allow youth leaders to engage the Presidents Green Cabinet,  which includes, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, Secretary of Labor, Hilda solis, Administrator Lisa Jackson, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Green Justice is Looking forward to these meetings and can’t wait to see what happens!!!

Green Justice!!!


Enviornmental Justice- Definition September 21, 2009

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Enviornmental Justice Campus Challenge

Sorry that it has been awhile since the last time I blogged. But its been a time of Reflection on the issues of Justice, as it pertains to the environment. So I think for the purposes of this blog I will need to define what environmental Justice is. Environmental Justice, is the securing of environment so that no matter what race ethnicity, religion social economic class, can live in Sustainable and toxin free environment. I put this definition out there as it seems that at times environmentalist and social justice advocates struggle with this definition as defining what environmental justice. So for the purposes of this blog, environmental justice deals with the interactions with humans and their environment.  This blog will tackle, topics of Ecological Justice, Climate Change, Climate Justice, Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice just to name a few. Now that is all cleared up, we can keep the post moving.

Environmental Advocate!!!


Green Jobs and the Under-served August 11, 2009

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Green Jobs and the Under-ServedGreen Jobs,  for many people, the messages that President Obama, spoke about of a clean green economy for all, seem to have slipped by at the passage of the American Clean Energy and Securities ACT. The picture shown above, is a perfect depiction of what is actually going on in under-served communities. In today’s world, there is a promise of a renewed America, that gives even the underprivileged a chance to advance from poverty to wealth. At least that was how the story was told just eight  months to a year, ago. What is disheartening is that the ideal green job for the low skill worker does not exist. In fact according the National Conference of Mayors, there will only be 11% of green jobs available to those with less then a college degree. So for example in a city like Philadelphia where it has been laid out in the mayor’s new green and econmic plan, only 300 federally funded green jobs will enter philadelphia.  Which means that only 30 jobs will go to those of under-served communities.

In addition, this does not leave room for a true green economy. Not only that but , what about those who are convicted felons, who trying to turn their lives around?  How do green jobs fix all of the social issues that plague under-served communities? These are all issues that have not been quite thought out by those in power or they have been simply ignored. Green justice is a inclusive solution to creating a fair, clean and just Planet, but at this rate those in the underclass, again will be left out of the equation. Leaving them to the their own devices for survival. I say that it is time for Americans to remind the politicians and large environmental groups who they actually serve and that is the people. As it is our responsibility to provide these jobs to those who would benefit the most, the underclass. As I walk around Philadelphia and look at the citizens who struggle every day to meet their basic needs it is disheartening to find out that green jobs are not available to them either.  I really hope that as this plan is laid out by organizations like Green 4 All and other green job oriented programs begin to enter our cities, and fight for climate legislation. That these organizations remember the constituents they work with, and protect them.  Will work for green job, interesting sounds like a hopeless cause unless we the advocates for human and civil rights fight for green jobs for everyone.  I say all of this to say that it is imperative that we find jobs to fix the larger social issues witin these communities and the first way of creating a safer, and cleaner enviornment is not by keeping those whose communities are overlooked out of the equation, but by grafting them in.



Earth 2100- Review June 3, 2009

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My thoughts on Earth 2100′

Earth 2100 a science fiction like documentary of the possible fate of the planet earth if humans continue to emit carbon dioxide at the current levels into the atmosphere. The film is daunting at times and very much apocalyptic at times, I feel brought in the necessary urgency that is lacking in the minds of many Americans. As American citizens are still learning about climate change, the human role and our impact on the environment. This film did an awesome job at pointing out the need for conservation, sustainable living and a green economy. This movie was a great effort to bring viewers to an understanding of why the federal government is working around the clock with some of the worlds top scientist to keep from from making this a real tragedy.

However, I feel that this particular video was a little too story telling. I liked the idea that they told a story from the perspective of a young lady who was born in 2009 and lived though the perils of what was caused by the generations preceding her. The movie also brought a bit of dramatics that made it hard I think, for many to take seriously. It did a great job of making the science understandable to those not of the scientific community, it also did a great job to highlight the communities most vulnerable to climate change. However, at the same time it could have used more climate solutions then just the last 15 minutes. Not only that but the climate solutions presented were great in theory, but not entirely practical. And the solutions presented often left out the very vulnerable communities that they talked about. How will those “green solution jobs”  effect EJ communities? Will these jobs provide jobs to the poor, and undereducated? Who is going into the EJ communities and creating systems that will help lessen the stresses of social constraints of the elderly, poor, and racially disenfranchised? Those are the communities that will be the most effected by climatic changes, as diseases increase, water and food become more scarce  and it is the responsibilities of humans to protect mankind.